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*RE: GUILDFORD BELLE/'Severn' Engine.*
Steamboating colleagues:
Received a 'heads up' to open/read this posting with photos RE: GUILDFORD BELLE. Indeed, her engine is a 'Severn Compound' from the famed Lune Valley Egineering Co., Lancaster, England. The boiler also from the same works burning kersosene. No date visible on the engravings in the photo. The company lists this engine with the early dates of 1910. This engine, possibly, later.

There's much interest in the UK today for steam engineering, launches etc. with many new or restored vessels equipped with props, sidewheels--none I see with sternwheels so far other than the GUILDFORD BELLE. Photos with vessels underway show, possibly, faster speeds than imagined.

I well remember many trips on the little Str. LORENA designed, built by the late Chalres and Lorena Brown of Cincinnati. Granted she didn't make much speed but she was a beauty. Charlie, as posted here previously, used in later years a new boiler fuel distilled from peanut oil. It received much interest from commercial and academic people who studied the use making careful measurements from our University of Cincinnati. The first oil when burned smelled like peanuts--or passing a greasy spoon restaurant. In time the oil was refined with little to no smoke or discernable odor.

I questioned Charlie once aboard the LORENA what would happen underway if he fell ill. From then he wrote out and posted careful directions from A to Z how to handle her boiler and engine.

More may be viewed/learned RE: steam engines/steamboats in the UK by going to: www.steamboats.orguk or the Steam Boat Association of Great Britain. I'll run some of this by family members living in Bristol, England. 'Aye, mates.'

Well, what do I know?

From the shores of northern lake Michigan,
R. Dale Flick
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