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Default Goldenrod Showboat

Has anyone heard anything about the outcome of the dispute “Who owns the Goldenrod?”
Last I knew the Goldenrod Showboat was in limbo. How very sad.
This showboat is Historic and should be saved. I worry about her.
The Goldenrod spent over fifty years on the St. Louis levee before St. Charles. I have fond memories of the Melodramas on the levee. G. William Oakley loved that showboat.
Once moved to St. Charles I did attend a play there and thought it was NOT an issue of the boat but an issue with money. It was obvious that St. Charles did not promote the showboat or care.
Yes the Goldenrod Showboat is a Registered National Historic Landmark and I understand at times this means nothing.
I have sent photos here (January) of the Goldenrod Showboat. Here now is attach program from the Goldenrod (saved in Microsoft office picture) along with a photo of the cast of the play “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”
I would just love to see her fixed up (a museum?) but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. And to be honest I would love to have a memento (souvenir) from the showboat. Thank you Keely for the reply post. (sorry for the delay)
The article from the St. Louis Post entitled "Historic Vessel May Get Reprieve" meant that someone might care.
I can only hope that the owner can pursue a new life for the venerable floating theatre.
Does anyone know what is happening with the Goldenrod Showboat
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