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Having only Saturday free, I had to make a tough decision. I elected to go to the Kentucky side and engage in the River Life Festival / "Belle" packet trip event. 'Twas a most pleasant day indeed! Captain Bill Ray and cohorts entertained. I did a little business with Captain Alan Bates in order to enrich my literary holdings. Perfessor Travis Vasconcelos delivered an admirable performance on the steam pi-anna as well as running commentary during the short cruise. Having recently taken on fuel, the "Belle" was drawing 5+ feet at the head and found herself stuck on the mud at the Cox Park landing. The crew skillfully worked her off - not unlike an authentic packet boat landing. I heard Captain Don Sanders mentioned on the boat's PA speakers but didn't catch what the remark was about - was he piloting Saturday...?

Sorry to have missed everyone at the Howard, but eagerly looking forward to The Tschiggfrie Talk on 1 July !!!
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