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Originally Posted by Judy Patsch View Post
At dinner tonight Vi Foley pointed out that Capt. Bill Foley had worked on the ALEXANDER MACKENZIE with both Capts. Ingersoll and Marquette Lancaster.
Also, it isn't well-known that passenger boat Capt. Doc Hawley once worked on the towboat HERBERT. E. JONES(nee JASON), in order to increase his license. He went from the JONES to the DQ in the 1959 season to earn this upgrade. Coincidentally, the JONES was cooled down for the last time on Aug. 1 of that year, which is Doc's birthday.

Add to the list of rivermen who worked on the MACKENZIE Capt. Walter Karnath of Winona, long-time UMR trip pilot on the DQ. And in commiseration with Lexie's lament about sign painting during inclement weather, I remember being asked one late fall afternoon to paint KEEP OFF signs on the rungs of the two ladders up to the sundeck roof outside the Master's and Chief's rooms on the DQ. At the time, we were underway SB to Winona, with a good, stiff, cold wind blowing. Cap Wagner wanted the signs painted after several passengers had "investigated" where those ladders led to. I recall seeing an inquisitive face peering up and over his shoulder toward the PH window as the man held on with one arm. And on another occasion, we heard a knock from outside the PH door which led out to the roof! Someone had climbed up the ladder unbeknownst to us and apparently thought this was the only way to gain entrance! Ah, them was the days.
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