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Default and a brief trip report...

Usually I bring a cold front from the north with me, but not this time. Every day I was there it was mid 90s and a heat index over 100. The NATCHEZ ran a 2:30 and dinner trip on Wednesday, but from then on it was 3 trips a day the rest of the week. Crowds are decent, certainly not the 500+ per trip of pre Katrina, but they seem to improve each time I go down there. And to have 3 trips a day quite often is a step up too. I narrated 2 day trips and did the short narration on each of the dinner trips. For a change, I used some common sense and rode just one day trip and the dinner trip each day, and the rest of the time I soaked up the a/c in my apartment. Doc and I did get over to Ruby Red's on the Westbank one evening, and I played golf one morning. Other than that, it was basically either on the boat or watching the golf tournament and cleaning my apartment the rest of the week. The river stage was 11+ feet, down from its high of 16.9 a couple weeks earlier. The traffic light at Gov. Nicholls wharf was still on - it goes off at 8 or 9 feet. Pilots now call in to "New Orleans Traffic" rather than to" Gov. Nick", and this is a 24/7/365 procedure. The light, the illuminated object on top of the tower, is on only during high water (8+ feet). Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World is now open at Robin St - nothing is left of the DQ days - and they've painted the shed an off white. One evening I guess the heat had gotten to me, because as we came around Algiers Point, I looked up to that area and it looked like the DELTA QUEEN was docked there... wishful thinking! It did seem strange to say during the narration that the NATCHEZ was one of only two steamboats still running on the Mississippi River system this year. But hallelujah, she is still running and giving me a steamboat fix to keep me going!
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