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Default Still more NATCHEZ IX

1) passing Bienville St. on her landing approach. The port stage is raised so the deckhands can manuever under it. Roof flags visible on the port side: US, old Spanish Castille y Leon, Louisiana state. The Canal St. ferry landing is to the stern, as is the CREOLE QUEEN. The MQ is on the far left, above the bridges at Perry St. She appears to be 'popping a wheelie' with her decided upward slant from stern to bow. Note how little freeboard the NATCHEZ has - water taxi and harbor tugboat pilots love to buzz us and splash wheelwash onto the main deck.
2) same thing, with Capt. Steve Nicoulin on the wingbridge Note her beautiful sheer and camber - thanks Alan!
3) approaching the Toulouse St. wharf which is on an angle from Bienville.
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