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Default More views on the NATCHEZ June '09

1) A closer look at the port wingbridge. The brass running light is next to the megaphone, which is still used to call back to the pilot. The black thing above the megaphone on the railing is an intercom to the stern fantail. The brass-backed searchlight and ring buoy are also evident, as is the jack flag. Capt. Roddy Hammett was afraid of heights, but he was never bothered by being out on the wingbridge, strangely enough.
2) Looking up at the stacks from the Hurricane Deck. They now extend about 63 feet from the waterline to their tops. The section cut out for the Ohio River trip was never restored, as was the second spreader bar left off also. All this remains in storage in NOLA.(It is NOT in Rock Island.)
3) The nameboards were redone over the winter layup. The antlers are generic, obviously symbolizing her undefeated status as the Racehorse of the Western Rivers. The round object in the pilothouse window is a windshield wiper.
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