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Cap'n Bill,

TOM COOK, or JOE COOK? This is fascinating for me to hear because several years ago I restored the whistle that the JWH finished with which was a triple lunkenheimer, a dead ringer for the whistle on the NATCHEZ. This whistle was reportedly on the JOE COOK before it blew it's boilers and then came to the HUBBARD. There's also a connection between these two boats in regards to wearing the famous QUEEN CITY'S whistle at various times during their careers. The HUBBARD wore atleast 3 different whistles during her career, a two barrel (which I have a copy of), The QUEEN CITY's whistle and finally the 3 chime lunk now in the collection of ED Bosworth who's Dad may have sold Tom Greene that bell? Ah how these boat parts we so interchangeable.
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