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Default DQ bell's acquisition

I doubted that story about the St. Louis bell auction, so I consulted Capt. Fred Way (via the packet directory) and Capt. Doc Hawley by phone. My suspicions were confirmed. The DQ bell was originally on the Anchor Line's CITY OF ST. LOUIS, made by the Kaye Co. which company has been previously discussed on this board. The bell then went to the QUEEN CITY, MILDRED, OUACHITA, and the towboat JOHN W. HUBBARD (now the MIKE FINK restaurant). Tom Greene simply bought the whistle off the HUBBARD, not at any souped up auction. Ever since the days of Don Deming, things have tended to be 'embellished' for the entertainment of the passengers, and usually there's a much less interesting factual story.
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