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Default Dinner show debuts - Big success!

We had our first Delta Queen Dinner Show last Friday and it was a terrific success all the way around. We performed our "Delta Queen: A Musical Journey" show that I know many of you had a chance to see last season. It was such a joy for Bill and me to see the Orleans Room come back to life with music, applause, toe-tapping and laughter. It was truly heart-warming!

It was also wonderful to have some of our treasured steamboat friends there (you know who you are!) and also many new faces who are experiencing the magic of the Delta Queen's story for the first time. Not only was the dinner show successful, but the Texas Lounge has been hoppin' too. Great to have the boat feel lively again.

We hope that many more of you will join us before we depart Chattanooga on July 26.

Big steamboatin' hugs!

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