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Default No Fair Weather Flags

Sometimes I made my own flags for special occasion, as I am a "flag nut" and love to see 'em flying. I must admit that I cut out the Union of a worn out American flag, or two, and made them into Union Jacks. A grommet kit was an necessary tool to make the the second reinforced hole, and one could be found, either, in my room or in the Mate's Locker.

Who knows: If the Stars are the Union, what are the Stripes called?

By the way, it was my idea, in the spring of '71, to put all those flag poles on the roof of the DQ. In college, I was always on the Color Guard and also had to hoist the colors every morning. One morning as it was raining buckets, I rolled back over in bed instead of going out into the driving rain to raise the flags, when the Colonel called and demanded to know why the flags weren't up.
But Sir, it's storming.
Listen. America is not a fair-weather country. Get 'em up. NOW!

Since then, unless 30-plus mph winds are forecast, I keep my flags flying. That's why they were built. Nothing is prettier than a flag starched-out in a stiff breeze.
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