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I have one of those American flags from the DQ, signed by Capt. Wagner and dated 1972, along with the certificate. As shipyard mentioned, they sold them in the gift shop on the DQ and I think the price was $20. Back in "my era" on the DQ, we didn't put any flags up in the morning if the wind was strong and/or it was cruising day and we wouldn't be stopping at any towns. Wind quickly wears out flags and turns them to tatters!

When the Str. BECKY THATCHER was sold away from St. Louis to Marietta in 1975, one of the items remaining aboard from Ruth Ferris' Midship Museum was the last American flag flown on the Str. GOLDEN EAGLE and rescued after the sinking in May, 1947. Well, the new owners of the BECKY enlisted a troop of boy scouts to do some clean up work on the boat, disposing of trash, etc. Those boys spied that old flag, full of soot from the GOLDIE's stacks and immediately decided that it MUST be taken out on the bank and ceremoniously burned! I know that's the proper disposal for a flag and the boys were well intentioned, but THAT ONE was a steamboat artifact that should have been saved!!! By the time somebody "in the know" found out about it, the old flag was long gone.

Herewith is a photo, taken in the museum aboard the BECKY in November, 1970, just after Ruth retired and the room was was being dismantled, with some artifacts already removed, to enlarge the gift shop. The GOLDEN EAGLE flag is visible in the corner beside the rolltop desk that was used by Capt. Donald T. Wright in the offices of The Waterways Journal.

(2) Flag from GOLDEN EAGLE and "R" from stern of RIVER QUEEN, salvaged after 1967 sinking at St. Louis. Also RQ Menu cover & Eagle Packet Co. deck plan.
(3) Stern of RIVER QUEEN when at Bradenton, FL (1950's). The wooden "R" was either the beginning or the end of RIVER!
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