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Dale, when I visited in 2004, the lines weren't long. And, I visited on January 3, in the peak of their summer. (They're closed on Dec 31 and Jan 1 for the spectacular New Years fireworks display) It was basically a reservation only experience, since it is so popular. When you were there, the winds must have been pretty brisk, because they claim to operate in all kinds of weather, even rain. It was pretty brisk the day I was there, causing my moon suit to puff up with air to make me look like a marshmellow.

The bridge structure itself is quite wide for walkers, so there is no problem there. In fact, it is almost possible to stand side by side. As I mentioned, there is a continuous cable which each walker is attached to. Once you are attached, you are secured for the whole walk up and down. Of course, people do get scared, especially at the top. At the top, they can detach those people and reattach them to another cable to go back down. In the photo I've attached, you can see the cables (left is for up, right is for down), along with the amount of room to walk.

As for the price, I paid about $125 Australian ($1 USD = $1.35 AUD at that time). I understand that they have increased the prices and now offer different prices for different times of day and year. And, twilight and dawn are the most expensive. I went during the day.

I rode the Sydney ferries a few times. It is very interesting to see them dock at Circular Quay. They do indeed cruise into the docking area at a fast speed, then slow down right before the dock. They seem to do it with such precision that the passengers barely notice. There's no domino effect from the somewhat sudden stop. What a busy place the ferry dock is!
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