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Dear Darin:
Your timely posting on 'Purple People Bridge' in Cincinnati and the incredible 'Sydney Bridge' in Australia provided answers to questions in my mind. Glad you were able to make the Sydney Bridge walk. When I was last there I pondered doing the walk but saw it would have taken no small amount of time out of the day. There were long lines for sure and then they shut it down due to high winds blowing in the harbor. The Sydney Bridge is some 500 ft. + above the water and spectacular. I can't recall now what the $$ tab was for the bridge walk there. Can you recall? The big Sydney Harbor ferry boats are a real experience. They scoot across and approach the ferry slips at a good clip. Just when you think you're going to smash into the wall they throttle in full reverse and glide in with no small amount of boiling water.

My 84 year old father-in-law is a retired bridge designer/engineer and recalled a contract his company had here to examine the cables and piers of the Suspension Bridge. He and one other made the climb up to the piers and then, with restraining belts, 'walked' the cables of the bridge from the Cincinnati side to northern Kentucky. This was in the 1950s leading to repairs and strenghtening of the bridge deck. Their survey found the cables to be in excellent condition. He said, "I did it once but had no desire to do so again. The wind was blowing and the 'bounce' of the bridge structure from below could be felt. My partner walked ahead of me with no concerns whatever with one foot placed carefully in front of the other and hands tight on the side cables."

I like the keen 'moon suits' the walkers are wearing in your photo.

R. Dale Flick
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