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I wasn't on the Purple People Bridge Climb, but I have done the "original" bridgeclimb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. It's quite a bit higher and the view is spectacular. To answer the question on picture taking, a reason they don't let you do it is that climbing requires both hands. You can't be carrying anything. Even if your camera was around your neck, there will be someone who will drop the camera. And, then it will fall and hit a pedestrian or a boat in the water. The chances are unlikely, but it only takes one and the thing gets shut down. Insurance is one of the biggest issues here. Even the climbers are attached to a wire as they progress through their climb.

$40 is nothing, when compared to what I paid in Australia. I would definitely do it again, even though I couldn't take my camera (which I really wanted to). I suggested to the Australian folks that if they can issue hats, eyeglass cords, and radios that attach to the "moon suit" gear they issue, they should figure out how to get a disposable camera that attaches to the suit, as well. They'd make extra money on the deal.
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