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Just thinking about other issues mentioned elsewhere....

Sewage - we repaired pumps on the flushing systems - and were functioning as designed. For the last couple of weeks, the macerating system outflow is flowing directly into the city sewage.

Hot water - yep - no hot water yet so I've been staying in a small luxury hotel in downtown Chattanooga owned by Mr. Slome called the Stone Fort Inn
It's been such a sacrifice... private balcony, jacuzzi tub, television, big bed with down filled bedding...great free breafast every morning. I have my room on the boat in one of the cabins formerly occupied by one of the pilots, and as the officer on board, when we're ready for occupancy I'll be there.

I talked to the men doing the work today. One of the boilers is coming on line feeding in from shore. Designed as such so that the head slips in and when the boat returns to water, slips right back out and back into burning Bunker C fuel oil - Installed by those who make their living and are proud to be called Boiler Makers. Not really sure of the mechanics of how it works, but soon we'll have hot water. Running the kitchen systems, dishwasher, hot water for showers, laundry, calliope, whistle, etc. does not require nearly as much steam as running a boat. It has not been an issue of no steam...just less steam and a big challenge that is being met and overcome.

We have had Coast Guard inspectors, fire and sprinkler companies, fire department, TVA, health inspections, city inspectors, inspectors... from more entities that you think would exist, and they are all fully informed of the progress, as we work towards addressing the concerns of each entity. It is a mass of bureaucracy.

Thousands of dollars spent on repairing and maintaining systems in this 80 year old boat that may have been put off or postponed by Majestic because of money or the fact that downtime would have affected guest revenue ...not destroying, replacing, tearing out or any other imagined damage.

Pitman arms are fully functional...that was a crazy rumor with no foundation.

Remember all those crazy leaks after the rain...we've actually found and repaired a few...

Well, that's all I can think of at this moment. Had a visit today from some steamboaters... they came on board and visited with Bill, Laura and I and then walked around the boat looking her over. Maybe you'll hear about their vvisit too...
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