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Default Str. Chautauqua Belle WICU News

Hello all, just remembered about this news report they did on the vessel back when I first started in the Spring of 2007, I watched it and WOW the changes since my first few months, and how much I have learned!!!

Great short video, I just wish they could of shown before pictures, it makes me smile every time I think of when I first climbed up onto her decks when she had been abounded, looked around at the garbage and tremendous amount of work to be done, and thought this is going to bring me some of the best days of my life & since that day I still get the biggest smile whenever I get the chance to talk about the Chautauqua Belle or anything to do with steamboats.

YouTube - Steamboat Chautauqua Belle

I asked them to come out and visit me this Spring when I'm home next week, however I leave for cruise on the 6th of April so I won't be able to upload the video until July 11th when I get back!

Ports of call while at sea include the Azores islands, Gibraltar Spain, Reykjavík Iceland, & last Kiel Germany! Hopefully I will get some liberty time to actually get off the ship and visit these countries!
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