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Franz, it's not grief...I have a problem with people that are incapable or unwilling to fully identify all the potential concerns to this endeavor as well as thinking up acceptable solutions for these concerns. I have heard that advice has been offered and ignored only to have a problem develop later, sound familiar? I have heard that employees have been ordered to start staying on board yet they had to leave after one night due to lack of hot water. I find this shallowness of thinking disturbing when it is directed at something that is 82 years old, and is so dear to my heart.

The above was, in a way, very similar to the reasons I had such a huge issue with what was posted a while back, about why the boats have "failed". Parlour talking drives me crazy. If people don't have all the answers, they ought to be talking to the experts instead of blindly winging it, rapidly, quickly offering SWAG's because they think that others will see them as stupid if they were to instead simply admit "I don't know..."...

Now what does this have to do with the ACOE and TVA requirements? Beats me, but I'm sitting here wondering if either of those two establishments are concernerd about the sewage the boat will be creating and what will happen to that sewage...has this problem been thought through? I have heard about the issues the floating casinos have with this very thing, and I'm hoping somebody has taken the time to figure out how to handle this little inconvenience on the DQ.

I'm not about to sit here and say I totally know how the boat "works", however I have a pretty good idea...and there are fundamental, basic infrastructure on the boat that does not work while the boat is stationary without extensive modification. There are also boat systems, very basic and quite necessary systems that rely on steam to work...There are also land based utilities that may not work well with a floating hotel, either due to available capacity or specific operational parameters of the city's utilities. Yes, I have my concerns, but my rants are not whining, I just strongly want for somebody, hopefully Capt. Phillips, to take notice, because it appears to me 800 miles away that important stuff is falling through the cracks.

I sincerly want Capt. Phillips to succeed, it may be difficult for anybody to gather that from my writings. I hope the best for him, as I've stated in the past, he is the currator now. Godspeed...