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*RE: Zinc/white lead etc.*
Hi, Hank:
Great point on use of "zink and white lead base" for early paints. Steamboat painting back then was a high art with yards often bringing in outside contractors to do part/most of the job. A few old photos, when enlarged, show paint crews hanging on the sides ir rigging painting. Zinc/lead/copper on vessels has been causing no end of headaches to environmentalist finding many feet of this material on the floor of rivers, harbors and lakes where vessels were built or serviced. Harbor projects on the East coast require such 'bio hazards' to be pumped or dredged up and disposed of.

Another product for years has been fine linseed oil either pure or 'boiled.' Used on houses, boats, ships etc. and I've used gallons of it on the stocks of guns in my military days. In early steamboat days linseed oil was kept as a medicine to treat steam burns and scalds applied with white cotton 'batting.' Just last week I watched a crew apply fine teak oil to the wood decks of our liner at sea.

Well, what do I know?

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