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*RE: ALICE DEAN/White paint Etc.*
Great information from Keith and Shipyard Sam on 'paint' and the Str. ALICE DEAN. I'm certainly no expert or chemist where paints are concerned and, perhaps, there are others who frequent this web who know: Alan Bates, John Fryant, Tom Schiffer etc. No idea how long lead dates back to paint bases but know that in some compositions milk was applied as a bonding agent. Some early fine plaster work also employed honey along with horse hair as a bond. How they kept insects from going for the honey once set is a good question--probably painted or coated with a lead base or even arsenic. Some early wall coverings and paper have been found to be infused with arsenic with dire results to the residents. Arsenic was also a bonding agent for gold leaf in European structures.

Keith's report on the wood from the Str. ALICE DEAN very concise. I've a piece of fine grained, dark wood here also from the DEAN and am amazed at the pronounced 'fragrance' it produces when lightly touched with fine sandpaper. One report mentions a yard on the East coast who 'oiled and painted' each piece of wood before building the boat extending the life well, well beyond the usual life span.

Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River.
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