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Default Amazing Paint

I'm still fascinated with a certain paint that was used on a prefabricated house built in Cincinnati in the 1840's, painted a dazzling white, knocked-down and shipped by flatboat to Rodney, Mississippi where it was reassembled and stood for a century and a half until a friend saved it from demolition and moved it to his farm near Bolton where it now stands in all its former splendor. Besides its architectural integrity, the home's ancient paint, on many protected surfaces, is just as regal as it was when Ragtown painters first applied it. This same type of paint surely found its way down to the nearby boatyards and used on the steamboats Cincinnati was famous for creating. Paint cannot found of such quality today.

In 1965, as the DELTA QUEEN passed the site for the future Mockport-Brandenberg Bridge, crews were clamshelling the remains of the ALICE DEAN from the depths of the Ohio River and piling it high on a deck barge. The pristine condition of the bright white paint was startling after a century of immersion. How could that paint look so fresh, I wondered, and I still can't figure it out almost half a century later of thinking about that amazing sight. How I wish I could have gotten a piece of the DEAN.
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