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*RE: Steamboat/Space capsule green.*
Jim, Frank & steamboating colleagues:
Interesting research/observations on what and what wasn't painted on steamboats along with that certain 'green' paint employed. Scientist, psychologists for some years have studied and experimented with various paint colors and tones used in interior spaces for 'reflective' qualities, impact on the human eye and other influences including phychological. Look at hospital, office, school rooms and you often see the same color--or variations on the theme. I'd offer an opinion that the certain green for pilothouse interiors was a well-studied for various light conditions during a twenty-four hour period and affect on the human eye. The British, and others, began studies nearly 200 years ago now on the impact of light and certain paint colors, tints and tones. Interior paint colors/tones employed on the interior of big ship enclosed bridge and pilothouse areas are often the same. Yet, some ship bridge interiors back then show fine wood panel work in oak, teak, mahogany etc. in a dark, rich, somber color. It varied. I wonder if different boat yards on the rivers had their own approach and thinking in painting or not painting hulls? I'll dig and look at old REES and CINCINNATI MARINE RAILWAY photos of steamboats and see if there was a variation. John Fryant has always been interested in this subject and, perhaps, has information. John mentioned to me more than once that we are often mistaken that all steamboats were painted white--some were off-white to a 'buff' color. Many of the big ships on the Indian and Pacific Ocean did this years ago to cut down on glare from the torrid sun.

Well, what do I know?

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