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Default More Info On Steamboat Painting

We've had a lot of discussions in the past on steamboat painting as to what was painted and what wasn't. From scanning in the Howard photos I can definitely say that without exception wood hulls were only painted down to the waterline, not below. Also, I ran across a picture of the INDIANA just prior to launch in which you can see the underside of the main deck was not painted, it may have been creosoted or oiled but it was not painted. With further study I found this to be the case with all the boats were photos show the underside of the guard.
The other night I was watching the movie Apallo 13 on AMC and I noticed that the inside of the space capsule was painted the exact same shade of green that that all the old steamboat pilothouse interiors used to be painted...the DQ, AVALON, GCG, GEORGE M. VERITY, CHARLES R. HOOK, HERBERT E. JONES; they all had green pilothouse interiors. Uhm, wonder if it took a team of NASA scientist a million dollars worth of research to pick that color or was it just coincidence?
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