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Originally Posted by Ed Barnes View Post
My question is not as odd as it sounds. I have a chandelier that several in my
family swore came off the Robert E. Lee (yes the one in the race)Problem is that they have all passed now that I am interested in finding out more about the
history of it. It started off as a gas light chandelier and then was converted
to electricity. I conversed with several folks on an antique forum about its
"maybe" history and they all said that steamboats of that era did not have
natural gas/propane/LNG or any thing like that. So all lights on a steamboat of
that era were oil? Any thoughts would be great. Also, is it possible to post a
picture on here and how. Thanks, Ed
Ed, my college/academy, New York Maritime, has one of the largest nautical libraries... at least thats what they say. I went down there to see what I could dig up about your question, now since you say the Lee that was in the race I am assuming that you mean the original and not the one that burned.

According to the historical records when she was dismantled, all of the original chandeliers that were onboard went to the Presbyterian church at Port Gibson, Mississippi. Now if this is where your family acquired the chandeliers I think you are in luck. Now it doesn't say exactly how the chandeliers were lit but it makes reference to numerous other lighting fixtures that were taken off being oil burning.
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