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MORE Midship Museum . . .

(1) Eagle Packet Company Corner, featuring Capt. Buck Leyhe's mahogany rolltop desk, megaphone, posters, advertising globe with map of Eagle Packet routes (on reverse side) and a round bottomed fire bucket from the Str. PIASA. (2) Visitor pulling the braided cord to ring the backing bell of the Streckfus Str. J.S. Deluxe. Hanging above is the charred remains of the pilotwheel from the GOLDENROD SHOWBOAT after the June 1, 1962 fire. Steam gauges over engine room door and in background is large map of plantations on the Mississippi River from Natchez to New Orleans. (3) Copper SIX GALLON coffee urn used on Eagle Packet Co. boats. I've known lots of river people who could almost drink that much on ONE watch!!!
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