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Default Steamer George Frederick/Frederick George??

A question from the message board. I figured that if anyone had the answer it would be

"When my grandfather passed away last October, my grandmother began to give all of the boating stuff to the kids and grand kids. ( I am one of the grand kids) One of the books I received, seems to be a old diary/account log from the steamer the "George Frederick" or "Frederick, George" not sure which way. It is from 1850 and goes to 1852. It's handwritten. Leather bound. I would like to believe that it was from the St. Lawrence Seaway area since he lived there but, I'm not sure. Has info on wages of the ships employees. (Deckhands, captain, etc...) It has currency in US Dollars, Euros, and Canadian Dollars, written in it. I would also like an appraisal for insurance purposes. I've already asked most of the steam boat museums on Google about this and they said they can't help, so I'm kinda stuck right now not knowing what I should do with the book. Any info on the book/boat/anything, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks George"


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