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Originally Posted by Lexie Palmore View Post
be more specific. Describe the authentic items. What size engines does the boat have now? (Diameter and stroke)
Lexie, I'm at school now so I'm not 100% positive on the engines, however my notes I have say they have an 8" Bore & 28" Stroke. I talked to Captain Bates, about when he designed the vessel and he said they were built by a man in Fulton, Illinois, named Harry McBride. He also gave me the fun fact of back then the chief engineer on the Belle of Louisville saw the engines and said "Now those are the right-sized engines. You can set 'em on a bench to repair 'em."

I have attached a photo of the engines that I had saved on my computer, rest assured however this isn't anything what the engines look like now, the photo was from when I first walked onto the vessel when they were planning to send her to scrap pile! Today the engine room and engines are shined up, on full display, as any of the folks who came out last season can attest to.
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