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Something I ran across in regards to the G20 summit that concerned me a bit;

The heirs to the movement to create a League of Nations, under the cover of a financial crisis and a Group of 20 Summit in London, are now poised to make the greatest step forward in the creation of a world government since the founding of the United Nations. As in the midst of World War II, these men who expect to prevail seek first an agreement on the money system. The political structure that will be used to implement it comes next. (For example: Look for passage of the UN's pending Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), which gives control and taxing authority over the world's oceans to the UN, to become an even more intense effort in the U.S. Senate. Also look for a new global warming agreement that gives the UN further controls over national industrial output and polices governing that output.)

A United Nations with power to regulate and tax the world's money system and control the oceans (and rivers that feed them) will be more than powerful enough to dictate how Americans are to live their lives. Such an unelected and unaccountable world governing body would be the ultimate in taxation without representation the ultimate tyranny.
We reject all calls for our government to empower the United Nations and create a world government. Instead the United States should "Get US Out of the UN!"
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