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Originally Posted by Judy Patsch View Post
It would be nice to pull the thread then, as its like we're being teased, nyah nyah we know something you don't know........ or else tell us what the person wrote, in your own words.
I am not trying to be that way at all. The guy did mention this "floodable length" issue, and went on to say that a Congresswoman from Missouri (Leonore K. Sullivan, though he did not mention her by name in his letter) threatened to cut Coast Guard funding if an exemption were not issued for the DQ. He also spewed the same old propaganda about wooden superstructures and lack of fire safety, mentioned the GEN. SLOCUM, and intimated the list of fire deaths on riverboats was long and gruesome. Nothing that pertained to modern times or the DELTA QUEEN's situation. My take is that this guy has his shorts in a wad over being overruled in the 1970's on this floodable length technicality.
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