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Default Mary Greene Stewart

While this news is not unexpected, it certainly is a sad day in the steamboating fraternity. Mary and Richard were certainly the chroniclers of the Greene Line history, usually allowing the credit to go elsewhere. One of my proudest steamboat artifacts is a cameo necklace of Mary B. Greene's, Mary's grandmother. I believe Mary gave it to me during a wonderful reunion in New Orleans in 1997 when she and Richard flew in to town to ride a DQ anniversary trip. Since Mary was unable to climb the stairs up to Doc's apartment, I hosted the gathering in my little apartment - never more steamboating experience in such a small space! Prior to that gathering, I took Richard and Mary to Felix' Restaurant, one of the Greenes' favorite restaurants. Mary was thrilled to experience that again. Several years later when Doc, Jane, and Mary were aboard the AQ on the UMR, I brought them over here to view my 'museum'. Mary was unable to climb those stairs, so my mother was privileged to share a long conversation with her while we were upstairs. Mary was a steamboater and true lady and truly a link between us and the old DQ.
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