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Default Searching for Mary Miller, Steamboat Master

I'm new to this message board--thought it might be a good way to see if anyone out there can help me with some research. I'm an historic interpreter at The Frazier International History Museum in Louisville, KY, and am working on a script about Mary Garrettson Miller who, in February, 1884, became the first licensed female steamboat captain in the US. She was from the Portland neighborhood of Louisville, near the Falls of the Ohio. I'm seeking any articles, letters, journals, logs or other primary resources with information about Mary Miller, her husband George Miller, or their boat Saline. Mary and George worked out of New Orleans. I want to make sure I get the terminology right as well (the glossary on this site is great!), so any resources on steamboating in the late 19th century in general would be helpful: slang, the role of the master versus the pilot (and were they both called "captain"?), other positions on a boat, etc.

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