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The calliope on the Natchez is indeed on the roof, as it is above the gift shop. Someone on this forum referred to what I called the "calliope deck" as the Texas Deck, so I accepted it. A canopy blocks a direct view of the whistles. I did manage to spot them through small gaps where the canopy was fastened. My wife, son and I still got to hear it and we bought a CD in the gift shop. I've been enjoying that CD of the Natchez' 3 bell chime whistle, bell and calliope since arriving back home in Paducah.

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If not allowing passengers on the Texas deck of the Natchez is their policy, so be it. We all still had an enjoyable experience.
Richard: Passengers were all over the Texas Deck on the NATCHEZ. That's where the Gift Shop, Texas Bar,ladies rest room and aft food line were. The calliope is on the ROOF, not on a deck! There is no railing up there and it's access is via steep steps up to the pilothouse. This area is forbidden by the Coast Guard for passengers while cruising. In NORMAL circumstances in New Orleans, an occasional guest is escorted out onto the roof by a deck officer to catch a glimpse of the calliope. I certainly hope you can realize that these were NOT normal circumstances and that there were no crew available for anything but getting the boat ready for the next trip in the few minutes we had between cruises. You could have had a great view of the calliope if you had been up on the Mehring Way observing area anytime during the week, as many people did while Debbie performed. Hopefully you'll get to NOLA sometime and can be escorted up to the roof to see the calliope.
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