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my crew and I replaced the canvas roof with a temporary one made of masonite sheets bedded in a bituminous tar. The joints were covered with duct tape and paint. Temporary extended to more than ten years! Captain Paul Underwood would accept any color so long as it was green.

The old canvas roof was painted red and in places was twelve or more layers deep. The roofers' tacks could not penetrate to the wooden deck. When the roof leaked it was almost impossible to find the leaking point. Water traveled for many feet and through many layers of canvas to reach inside the boat. Sometimes it would rain and the leak would not start to drip for two or three days. When it was REALLY soaked, one could walk along and watch the water squirt UPWARD through the tack holes.

When the masonite and duct tape finally wore out a Dex-O-Tex patented roof system was installed and it lasted about twenty years.
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