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Originally Posted by Matthew Dow View Post
The Mount Washington today is a diesel powered vessel commissioned in 1940. The hull is not from the first one, but it came from a Lake Champlain steamer named the CHATEAUGAY.
The Mt Washington sidewheeler burned at the docks at the Weirs back in the mid 30's.

Its replacement was indeed the Chateaugay from Lake Champlain. Her hull was sectioned and then railed to Lake Winnepesaukee where it was welded back together. The Mt Washington II was originally steam powered. I believe she was put into service in 1940. The government took here steam engine for the war efforts. The Mount was refitted with diesel at which time the "II" was dropped from her name. The boat has been refurbished a couple of times since then. In the 80's she was cut in half and lengthened by approx 25'.

Here's a link to gives the details:


W. Hurley, NY

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