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Default AVALON Daze

The goose-neck boat davits were gone before my first introduction to the AVALON some three, or so, years before I started serving orange and grape pop out of five-gallon glass water coolers behind the snack bar. That I did for a very long 30-some hour "day" in June of 1959 before I approached that big Captain and transfered down to the deck and changed my life, forever.

The bow may have been painted gray and the Main Deck green with a walkway with two stripes of Mardi Gras yellow and purple outlining the path that people were expected to trod; thereby limiting the amount of painting to that deck.

The Hurricane and Texas decks were both covered in canvas, and I seem to remember the lower of the two being painted Silver and the upper was Red.

Interestingly enough, a small portion of the Texas was covered with cheesecloth and "doped" in the same fashion of a fabric-covered aeroplane of the era when the boat was built. Captain Hawley loved showing that doped deck, and may have proclaimed the covering original to the IDLEWILD. This covering stayed on until the deck was resurfaced, possibly by Captain B and Crew.
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