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Dan: There are several people who undoubtedly can answer your detail questions about the AVALON - mainly Capts. Doc Hawley and Don Sanders, who worked on the boat, as well as those who rode her in the last years such as Capt. Gabe Chengery, Dave Tschiggfrie and Judy Patsch, all of whom have extensive collections of photographs and slides. And, don't forget Capt. Alan Bates, who was entrusted with the daunting task of transforming the dilapidated old AVALON into the beautiful BELLE. I remember his humorous description of colors used on the AVALON, one of them being "pank"! My parents rode the Str. AVALON for the New Albany High School Prom in 1949. The attached picture, taken at that time, shows the boat at the New Albany landing (no floodwall then!) and the life boats are in evidence.

Some years ago I inherited a model of the Str. MISSISSIPPI. It was built in the early 1960's by a crew member and formerly had been part of an encased diorama in the Midship Museum aboard the boat after she became the BECKY THATCHER at St. Louis. Later, after she was sold to the group at Marietta, it was removed from the diorama setting and placed on a shelf in the bar. When the boat sank in 1984, the model slid off the shelf as the BECKY tilted and hit the deck, shattering into MANY small pieces. It was rescued from a trash barrel and given to me in TWO boxes, looking like a jigsaw puzzle! Ironically, the only part intact and undamaged was the paddlewheel! It took a LONG time and much PATIENCE, but with the help of numerous photographs, and my artistic mother, the model was re-assembled and is now a treasured artifact in my collection of "steamboat stuff".

Good luck with your project! And if I can be of help in any way, please let me know.
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