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Default Avalon Model Restoration Help

I've been SLOWLY piecing together the remnants of an old R/C Avalon model. Since this will become a display model, I decided to put a few more details in it than it had in its previous life. I have pictures of it before its demise, but I don't have a complete history. I have to say "thank you" to the help I've gotten from the Tschiggfries during their recent visits to the Belle and John Fryant for his model building expertise. While I've also had a chance to sift through some of our archives on the Belle, I'm still in a quandary about some of the details I'm sure many of which are much more familiar to members on here--so comes my plea for help. I've used the extensive work done in 1954 as a reference. One mystery for me is how late did the Avalon run with the rescue boats strung up on davits over the hurricane deck. I'm also wondering what color she sported on her decks--black, brown, or the ever-so-popular kelley green. To give you an idea of size, the scale is about 1/4"=1'. I appreciate any help.
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