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Default Finally, some GOOD river news!

I just got a phone call from Ms. Calliope, Debbie Fagnano. She was between the calliope concert and narrating the 2:30 trip on the NATCHEZ. For almost 2 weeks they've been carrying 600-800 on the 2:30 trips! And they've been running more dinner trips than just on the weekend. This pickup in business is not due to conventions, but to families and discretionary travelers, I believe is the term. Of course, this is spring break time in many school districts, hence the increased number of tourists in town. This is still a far cry from the 3 trips a day, 7 days a week that the NATCHEZ ran pre-Katrina and with 500 or more on many of those trips, but its a start! I don't know from where these people come, but I suspect that many are regional travelers. Just as we've discussed about the small local boats trying to fill the QUEENS' void, so maybe domestic/regional travel might be replacing more exotic travel in these rough times. And a steamboat ride is obviously still an attraction.
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