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*Marietta Museums change leadership.*
Steamboating colleagues:
Reporter for the MARIETTA TIMES [Ohio], Evan Bevins, 'Marietta museums getting new leadership' reports present site manager Andy Verhoff has accepted the position coordinating the Ohio Historical Society's Local History Office in Columbus, Ohio. Verhoff came to Marietta in 2003 to head the Campus Martius/Ohio River Museum Complex. His new position will bring him, his wife and nearly 2-year old son closer to family. This move is not part of the Historical Society's restructuring to deal with budget short-falls.

Ms. Le Ann Hendershot, who has worked at the museums nearly 25 years, will take over as interim site manager on April 6th. The Ohio River Museum division in Marietta also includes the veteran Str. W.P. SNYDER. Hendershot served as customer service representative first for the Ohio River Museum, then both facilities, since 1984.

The museum complex in Marietta will open April 4th with employee and seasonal worker schedules scaled back. The complex will open Wednesdays on Memorial Day through October, provided steps can be taken to ensure the museum operates beyond June 30th.

Best wishes to Andy Verhoff and Le Ann Hendershot along with the museum complex and the Str. W.P. SNYDER.

Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River.
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