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Default My Suggested Intro and Question

Mr. President:
Last year America saw what may be the end of an era. For the first time since 1811, no overnight steamboats are running on the great American Inland Rivers system. This is because America’s Legendary Steamboat, The Delta Queen, became a political pawn and a vote to grant her permission to operate was not allowed to reach the congressional floor. During your campaign, you stated a desire to help save the Delta Queen, which would save over 200 American jobs and help all the small towns where she stops—at NO COST to the American taxpayers. Mr. President, will you now help by pushing for legislation to exempt inland riverboats from the Safety of Ships at Sea regulations? Regulations which make sense for ships miles from shore and safety, but not for riverboats minutes from shore. Your support can save American Heritage and American jobs. Will you help?
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