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I'm still looking for the perfect question, but here is, if given the opportunity the presentation/overview I will bring. I would adlib on the fly, but keeping in mind the amount of time I may have it has to remain very high level.

Mr. President, sir, thank you for coming here today and providing this opportunity for “US” citizens to ask questions directly to you. My question concerns the Delta Queen Steamboat. If I may sir, take the liberty of a minute or two to provide an overview of the issue for those in attendance, here on the west coast who may not be aware of our grassroots campaign.
• The Delta Queen is an 83 year old California native- Yeah dude born and raised!
• The last remaining authentic paddlewheel steamboat in operation. The DQ and her sister (or brother?) ship are veterans of WWII, as they we called to duty to run injured servicemen from San Francisco to (Oakland/Alameda) naval hospital, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
• The Delta Queen is a Registered Historic Landmark
• The Delta Queen is on The National Register of Historic Places
• The Delta Queen was just added to the National Trust for Historic Preservations 2009 list of 11 most Endangered Historic places.
• Sea-Going Vessels- the DQ is not!
• "Having berth or stateroom accommodations for 50 or more passengers" have to be compliant with the SOLAS regulations of 1960 and some amendments.
• Safety at Sea Act P.L. 89-777, deals with special fire safety measures- Wooden superstructure
The Delta Queen received exemptions from Congress for over 40 years because she’s so safe despite the fact that her superstructure partially is from wood. NO accidents, not deaths from accidents= perfect service record!
• The DQ has been outfitted with state-of the-art fire suppression and detection and alarm systems. NASA Developed fire retardant paint, trained fire crew on board, trained on evacuation, exits are clearly marked. Passengers required to sign a waiver understanding the hazards of a wooden boat, and all are happy to do so!
• DQ never ventures out to Sea, Inland waterways only.
• Shallow steel hull allows access to any shore within minutes
In 2008 the Congressional exemption was not allowed to go to a floor vote (an “un-democratic process” that needs review in and of itself, and I won’t go into that here) the exemption expired, in-turn the Coast Guard Certificate of inspection also expired.
The sale of the entire fleet of Majestic America cruise line and the potential return to work for hundreds, and return of revenue to local communities all hinge on the Delta Queen exemption.

Mr. President, on behalf of the grassroots campaign, and the 618 members of the Save the Delta Queen/Steamboats. Org, and all other friends and fans of the DQ, our question to you is... XXXXXX
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