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Default Pres. Obama Townhall 3/18/09

I will attempt to get tickets for the scheduled Presidential townhall on Wed 3/18 in Costa Mesa, Ca, at 4pm PST. They just annouced the "how to get a ticket" so I will be stuck in some long lines most of the morning tomorrow.

Info indicates 15-30 min speech, and then it is open for questions for an un-announced period of time

I would like to ask the forum to provide a single comment / question that if I have the opportunity of being chosen to ask the President "our" question, I will ask it on behalf of all Save the DQ. orgers. It should be a well stated comment with short fact and history with some relevance to current economic situation, followed with a well worded question that is not open ended, but requires a specific answer.

I will think about this for a while and post my own, but then it will not be from an "interconnected collective".
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