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*RE: (C) Copyright vs. (R) Trade Mark.*
Hi, Alan/David & steamboating colleagues:
May not be 'pure steamboats' but the topic above along with Alan's and David's dilemmas are worth discussing here. Again, I hate to belabor but if the topic is presented then comments are sure to follow. Another sticky issue is a work created by an individual in the work place as part of their profession on company time using company equipment [Or even at home or away from the work place] with salary and fringe benefits. Let's not go there now.

There's a difference between (C) Copyright and (R) Registered Trade Mark. (R) refers to logos, slogans, designs, product graphics, titles etc. David, if a (R) had been appended to the design you mention there 'may' have been some degree of protection. Take time to examing the labels sewn into clothing. You may see the (R) there--or some confusing lettering with a serial number--announcing the design or name is protected. Examples: NAUTICA, IZOD etc. Cruise lines also append (C) or (R) to their ads and company names. Example: 'The love boat,' 'Journeys to America,' 'Steamboatin' with red/white/blue color field etc. I recently saw a leading promo for CUNARD LINE [QM-2/QUEEN VICTORIA] in which the (R) appeared no less than about six times.

Again, people usually don't look or pay attention. Catching the culprit bootlegging a logo etc. is hard but can be done. Other times a logo or graphic is cribbed with just the slightest alteration of the design, wording, coloration, graphic etc. and can be gotten away with--but don't be too close. Sure makes life interesting and exciting, doesn't it?

Well, what do I know?

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