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The Cyclopoedium is copyrighted and so marked under your paragraph 4.

This has been going on for years. Everybody who does something original is preyed upon by these skunks. The REAL problem is that litigation costs more than can be realized from it. I just suddenly got a belly full of it when I saw my drawings in two more books. If the authors had had the courtesy to simply give credit I would not object.

Following Franz's suggestion here are the two books:
Paddlewheelers on the Upper Mississippi by Nancy and Robert Goodman;
Packets to Paradise - Steamboating to Fort Benton by John G. Lepley.

I frequently "borrow" from the S&D reflector for my Old Boat Column. I credit the Reflector for the "loans." Further, the Waterways Journal has had an informal agreement with the S&D for decades for this use.

No author stands alone. All of us are dependent upon each other. I am griping about the discourteous rudeness of others taking credit for what I have done.
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