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I've done a number of designs for my hometown, Dunsmuir, CA's Railroad Days (which, BTW, used to be copywrited, but now many towns use that name for their celebrations). I have on that I think is rather nice of SP1727 steaming past MtShasta and a nice pine tree. One year I found that design on a T shirt with a major brewery's logo on the other side being used for a different event.
I didn'tknow whether to take that as a compliment or a theft of work. I did tell the Railroad Days comittee that it would have been nice if they'd asked me first--maybe at least given me a few shirts (although I probably wouldn't wear one wht that other logo on it!).
So, all I can say Alan, is; I know from where you speak!
Keep the faith; hopefully our reward is a steamboat ride someday!!
David D.
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