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You have echoed my concerns as well. Thank you for finally saying it!

Thru rumor, comment on this board, and second-hand rumor I understand the major positions of President and Secretary have changed. Had the Reflector come and reported this information I would feel I was at least knowledgeable of what is happening within the organization I support thru membership. I wouldn't have been as shocked as I was when I got a bill from Rick Kesterman, Secretary...when I expected it to be Richard Prater. I started calling, talking, and emailing and found out the rumors are true.

Perhaps I would have paid by now and not had so many questions when I got my second notice of dues if I had the Reflector to know what was up?

The current Reflector issues have been wonderful. I am really glad to see the membership to assist in the creation of such a wonderful historical periodical. Capt. Frederick Way Jr would be proud of the last couple of years of his labour of love, the S&D Reflector. The Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen has been one of the most esteemed river organizations to become member of for many years since its begining. I have been proud to announce my membership in S&D and promoted the group in my lectures on every cruise of the DELTA QUEEN, MISSISSIPPI QUEEN, and AMERICAN QUEEN I have worked. Richard Prater supplied me with brochures to pass on to the passengers to review and send in from home after their cruise. I have always stood behind S&D and will continue to do so...but, something has to be done about the Reflector!

I am also very concerned no one seems to have stepped up to assist in the creation of the Reflector to get it back on a more timely basis. With no information as to what the organization is doing, I am stymied as to why I should pay dues.

Perhaps the cost of the two bills for 2009 I have recieved could have been better spent in getting the word out to the members in the form of a news letter or perhaps even the Reflector?

I am very sorry if I have offended anyone with my viewpoint. My intention is to publically put my support behind getting S&D back on track. We may have already lost the DELTA QUEEN...lets not lose AMERICA's Steamboat Historical Society! Lets help get S&D back on track! We have proven we can get things done on this board. Just the conversations we have had concerning the DELTA QUEEN have gone along way to help her cause. Lets help keep OUR River organization together, healthy and sound...we CAN do it!

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