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Default also lost in the mail

...along with the Winter 2008(formerly December) REFLECTOR. Hopefully those of us waiting to renew our dues until after we receive the 4th issue of year 2008 will not be cut off the mailing list and not receive it, when it eventually is printed and mailed sometime in 2009. No need to recite and repeat the various reasons why the REFLECTOR has been off schedule for some time, we've heard them many times, and have heard various versions.
In the words of that famous character whose name I don't know: JUST GIT 'ER DONE!

There, I've said publicly what many of us have been expressing for months in emails to each other and to S&D officers. Sorry if it offends, but facts need to be faced. The REFLECTOR is the lifeblood of S&D and is the only reason probably 80-90% of the memberships, ie. the financial resources of the group, exist. Changing the dates from specific months to a general season allowed for 'wiggle room', but we are now into another YEAR, not season. Many of us have submitted articles and pictures, and have offered to help out over this time. If there is more we can do, now is the time to ask us. The S&D VP is experienced in journalistic matters, perhaps he could assist in the editorship position. Whatever it takes...
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