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Default Lucky Mike

Ok, Mike, when you win and buy the boats:
1) Don't plan to build a 5000 pax cruise ship for Hawaii on the DQ's profits.
2) Don't put your headquarters with its bevvy of beauties in a Trump Tower. Something plain along the river might be more practical.
3) Don't buy out all the cruise lines and cruise ships so you'll have a total cruise monopoly. You just might not know what to do with them.
4) Don't take away quality of food and services and replace them with a fluffy bathrobe.
5) Don't build an 800 pax steamboat for river service to augment your current inventory.
6) Don't put each boat in its own region and run it to death and empty cabins. Spread them over the whole system! Out of sight, out of mind!
7) Don't hire some pr firm to give you advice on what the 'people' want - ask the 'people' directly!
8) Don't let that pr firm come up with a name whose acronym means 'bad' in Spanish. How about just paying whomever needs to be paid to become the DQ Steamboat Company again?
9) Don't jack up your prices just to show you are providing a superior product ( or so you think)
10) Don't make a river trip into a land trip - CRUISE during the day. Make your profits off something other than full day shore excursion fares. Gray Line can handle the extensive land stuff.
11) Most importantly: DO NOT replace an eagle with a trumpeter swan, or that swan will be swimming where you can't see it!!!!!!!
You're welcome, in advance, and no consultant fee is charged!!!!!!!!!!
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