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*RE: GOLDEN EAGLE/'Hard times.'*
Hi, Judy & steamboating colleagues:
Judy penned good points in her above posting. Seems like 'hard times be with us' reminiscent of memories some of us have as little kids at the end of World War II. The GOLDEN EAGLE was one boat I always wished I been able to 'trip out' on but by her last days I was just a kid. Cincinnati writer/editor Clarke Firestone wrote about the GOLDEN EAGLE a number of times in prose verging on poetry. Firestone was also an old GREENE LINE fan penning additional monographs and stories about the GREENE boats he knew going way, way back. In fact, Firestone was a friend of Capt. Mary B. Greene with them members of a card club here in Hyde Park, Cincinnati. Keith has spoken/written much also about the GE through his long friendship with Miss Ruth Ferris. Great memories and thanks.

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