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Default *'Ohio River Museum may close after June 30.'*

Steamboating colleagues:
A press article from the MARIETTA TIMES [Ohio] dated March 3rd arrived here announcing the possible closure of the famed Campus Martius and Ohio River Museums [*Str. W.P. SNYDER] after June 30th due to the financial crunch felt by the Ohio Historical Society. This by-lined by Evan Bevins of the TIMES. Andy Verhoff, site manager for the Marietta museums, said the four full-time, one art-time and tso seasonal employees are going on with business as usual amid the uncertainty...scheduled activities and booking tour groups. Mr. Verhoff reported the budget for the Campus Martius is $180,820 and for the Ohio River Museum nearby $54,750. A new 'partnership' between the state and local interests is being explored.

The article continues to report that the Sons of Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen is one 'partnership' extending back to 1939 with strong support for the Ohio River Museum and the Str. W.P. SNYDER. Jeffery Spear, President of S&D of Pioneer Rivermen, was quoted as discussing further partnerships and alliances in support. Even if cloed by July 1st, the OHS will continue to pursue ways to keep it open. The Marietta museum complex is scheduled to open April 4 for the 2009 tourism season.

It appears that tourism, school and professional groups are not the question. It boils down to the financial squeeze faced by the parent Ohio Historical Society and the state in general. With the present economy tanking out, hopes are that more local museums and tourism sites will benefit with families focusing their travel plans closer to home. More on this in time.

Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River.
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